“We are living in difficult times. Long-standing public services, public institutions, and civil democratic processes are being undermined at the national level and this affects Vermont deeply. I will work to see that Vermont resists these trends, for the benefit of our own citizens and as a model for our nation.”

“At this time, we are dealing with the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, and that has dramatically changed how the Legislature operates in the short-term, as well as much of our focus.  First things first, we must continue to help people, businesses, organizations, schools and local governments get through to the other side of this emergency, while doing it in ways that protect the public health. We are dealing with this now, and we will be dealing with it in the next Legislative session as well.”


“The job of a State Representative is to bring experience to the table, to listen, to learn, to find common ground whenever possible, and to take action on legislation that helps the State of Vermont serve its people best. I will call on my own background and experience on some issues. And on many issues, I will learn from others as the Legislature grapples with the complex and often difficult issues that face us.”

I am guided by principles that include:

  • A fair and equitable tax system that raises sufficient revenue for the government services and schools that we all benefit from, and for new challenges and issues that face us.
  • A sustainable energy future that focuses on efficiency and conservation (transportation, heat and electricity), and on responsible development of renewable energy sources.
  • A safe and healthy environment, including dealing responsibly with the challenges of water quality and chemical pollution.
  • Making sure that Vermonters can make a living, and that those who need our help don’t have to choose between eating and heating.
  •  Creating and keeping jobs that work for Vermont.  Continued focus on economic development strategies that work:  clean energy, agriculture and food products, information technology, broadband, manufacturing, the arts and Vermont-friendly tourism.
  •  Respect for public employees and the collective bargaining process.
  • Respect and inclusion for all Vermonters, regardless of race, gender, religion, or country of origin.
  • The democratic process and public involvement.


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